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About us

About us

Concern RUSTECHEXPORT was established in 2004 and unites a number of companies-participants of foreign trade activity in many countries of the world.

Mission of the Concern RUSTECHEXPORT
Integration of business structures with partners from other countries, exchange and implementation of the advanced experience, accumulated by Russia and other countries, targeting economic and social development of all countries and their consolidation.

Scope of activity:

Complex supply of motor and tractor, road-construction machines, industrial equipment, materials and instruments to enterprises from different countries.
Our specialists effect completing, installation and guarantee service for wide range of machines and industrial equipment of Russian, Belorussian and Ukraine origin. 

Moreover, Concern RUSTECHEXPORT through specialized companies effects export from Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine of the following Goods: grocery, sawn timber and timber goods, chemical products and other Goods, which are the main export items for this countries.
Basis of our business is responsibility, which is provided by knowledge and experience, collected by our team during all time of our activity.
We manage to create an up-to-date high quality service system in order to provide planned, rhythmic and effective work of enterprises.
Our principles:


  • Competency and professionalism
  • Accessible and full information about goods and prices
  • Responsibility for quality and time of deliveries
  • Competitive prices
  • Partner relationships with Clients
  • High-level service

In relationships with our clients we aspire to switch over from one-time deliveries to constant cooperation which can be planned and create an atmosphere of trust and partnership.

We do our best to offer flexible schemes and conditions of payment. We are ready to undertake all routine work and provide plan deliveries of wide range of goods for your enterprise.

All what can be needed for the enterprise – all kinds of industrial equipment, spare parts and materials – it’s all in scope of our competency. We are ready to supply all of this for you.

During many years we cooperation with Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian manufacturers gives opportunity to offer new products constantly, satisfy any specific demands of clients.

As soon as Concern RUSTECHEXPORT has the possibility to deliver wide range of goods at the manufacturers’ price, You have the possibility to optimize not only financial expenses for buying, but also save transport costs, all this decreases total time for delivery of equipment and materials for different purposes. Despite supplies of serial products we actively promote advanced technologies, new engineering, systems and materials. Our company has a high-qualified stuff, warehouse system, well-developed service which provides technical control, warranty and post-warranty service – they make balancing and commissioningof equipment, techniques and systems.

Among our suppliers – leading manufacturers of machines and equipment, their production is well-known abroad Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia and has a big authority among customers from many countries of the world.

Our clients – companies from Europe, Africa, Middle East and South-East Asia, all sectors of economy and all patterns of ownership.

We shall closely consider all your proposals directed on establishment of long-term mutually advantageous cooperation.

Call and write to us. We are always glad to meet and contact with you.

For each buyer - an individual approach concerning conditions of delivery and payment.

We would bevery glad to see You among our Clients!